About us

What is Great Gamers?
Great Gamers is the World's most important eSports award and an online community open to all gamers. Our goal is to celebrate esports as an ultimate challenge where personalities, skills and influences clash in a desire to become the best.

It is both an international community, open to every gamer whatever his game as well as an award ceremony that gives players a unique opportunity to help elect the best gamer in the world.

Why a community?
Gamers have always been seperated by game, platform and genre. Today, with esports, we have an opportunity to unite around this common love of gaming, competition and entertainment. 
It is time for us to start sharing our experiences whatever our gaming background may be, and for that, the solution is to all unite around the same tool: a news platform where all our users can share their news, tips, stories and discuss the latest trends, events and games.

Why an award ceremony?
The industry may be fast-paced, players and teams may come and go, and events only last a couple of days at a time… but one thing never changes: the hard work and time invested by a handful of people in making esports greater day after day.
The Great Gamers Award ceremony will showcase these people, recognizing and rewarding their hard work. In a real sense, this is how we as a community can thank the few who work to improve the gaming experience of the many.

How do I take part in the community?
Everyone can read articles, share them and take part in discussions in the comments. However, only subscribed users will have the option to write their own news pieces, subscribe to other contributors and have access to the many offers we have for our wonderful community.

Why do I have to pay 1$ for one year’s subscription?
As much as we would love to offer a free service, the GG team works hard everyday to bring you a great community tool, special offers and set up an international award. As we all hate adverts, we believe that this very modest contribution from the community will allow us to give you the most streamlined and add-free experience here.
Moreover, thanks to your GG credits, we hope you will be able to save much more than 1$ on your next gear purchases or gaming computer upgrades through the offers we are setting up for you. Added to this, only subscribed users will be given the option to vote during the GG Awards, a measure that also helps us fight cheating during this process.
Finally, as a gesture of thanks to our first subscribed users, we are giving out 200 free GG tokens for every pack of 100 tokens: this is like getting the first 3 years of subscription for just 1$!

We believe that everything you do should count towards something: whether it’s sharing an article, taking part in the comments section or even contributing your own piece of news, we want you to be rewarded.
Actions in the community mean medals, medals grant points and help you rank up, and in turn, new ranks will reward you with GG credits.
So take a look now at your points and medals tab in your dashboard and start earning them now!does my rank and points mean?

What can I do with my GG tokens?
Your tokens can first be used to renew your subscription with Great Gamers in order to continue using all the aspects of the platform.
Then you can decide to spend them at any time to grab one of our partner offers in the Offers section of the website. Do let us know what else you would like to use your GG tokens on by sending a Tweet of Facebook message our way.

Can I get more insight and news into the GG project?
Yes of course! We post on social media on a regular basis: follow us on Twitter or Facebook for all the latest information.

About the GG Team

Igor Lys - CEO
Passionate FPS and RTS gamer, entrepreneur and avid innovator, Igor has always wanted to bring his passion for video games into his professional life.

James Berry - Project Coordinator
Stage host for ESL France, content creator and esport expert, James always strives to put on a great show. With an excellent knowledge and understanding of the esport industry, he is responsible for the Great Gamers Award and editorial line of all featured articles.