Alex Sunderhaft

20 y.o.
United States
Short bio

Alex "Neeb" Sunderhaft is an American Protoss (previously Terran) player. Early in Neeb's pro gaming career, when he still played Terran, he maintained relative success in various tournaments from 2013 - 2015. Around the release of Legacy of the Void Neeb switched from playing Terran to Protoss attributing to his high level of play in PvT match ups. Beginning in early 2016, Neeb started to break through as one of the best American StarCraft II players, having several strong tournament performances against high-level competition. Consistently ending with impressive placements and nail biting game play against his competition, though he had never placed first. It wasn't until Neeb qualified for and competed at the 2016 KeSPA cup where he won maps against Korean greats such as - Zest, Stats, and Trap. The conclusion of his incredible Protoss play ended in him being the first foreigner to take first at a Korean StarCraft Tournament in 16 years. - Bio by Blizzard