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ESL One Genting 2018: Day 2

1 year ago

           Day 2 started with group B lower-bracket matches. Penta eSports was elliminated by Evil Geniuses and Mineski was stronger than LGD Forever Young. 

            EG vs Penta (2:1)

         In 1st game Penta was better. THey were playing perfect and EG was making mistakes one by one and at min 45 Penta destroyed throne, but Penta players were too exhausted and lost the next two games in quick succession. 


After an impressive game one @PENTA_Sports eventually fall to @EvilGeniuses and are now eliminated from #ESLOne Genting!

Penta 1:2 EG pic.twitter.com/BeOr5SvD1y

— ESL Dota2 (@ESLDota2) January 24, 2018


            Mineski vs LGD FY (2:0)

            Mineski made very short work of  LGD.Forever Young this morning with a pair of convincing wins against the struggling Chinese team. LFY called GG as Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung's Battle Fury Phantom Lancer took a set of barracks a mere 18 minutes into the game.


            Fnatic vs Vici Gaming (1:2)

            Most exciting game of lower brackets was game 2 between Fnatic and Vici Gaming, which included 30 mins megacreep defending by VG and famous Terrorblade by Jacky "EternalEnvy" Mao and length 91 min. Nobody knows how could game end if Fnatic didnt pick off Yang 'Eleven ' Wei Ren's Legion Commander, which give them warm welcome to the VG base. Unfortunately this glorious victory was last for Fnatic on this tournament. Vici won game 3 and went to the lowebracket semi-finals.


            VGJ.Thunder vs compLexity (2:0)

            It was a good challenge for a Galaxy Battle winners. In game coL was leading for like a 40 mins, but in the end VGJ.Thunder came back and finished with beautifull fight with triple ravage. In game 2 VGJ was better from the start and didnt let any chances to coL. Good game VGJ and they gonna face their "brothers"  from Vici Gaming.


            Also was played 2 winner-brackets in group B. Na`Vi lost to Team Liquid (0:2) and Newbee knocked to lower-bracket TNC Pro Team (2:0).




1 year ago