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Hearthstone Patch (May 2018)

2 years ago


Blizzard announced an upcoming patch for Hearthstone. Brace yourselves, with it, will come changes that will massively affect the meta. It’s been a long time now that we can see the Warlock cube at the top of the deck list. It was sharing the crown with the paladin even. Both, well played, were pretty much unstoppable (given the draw was acceptable). Even with the arrival of the year of the Raven and the Witchwood  extension, those decks stayed at the top. Many players were unsatisfied with this situation. We will see those changes after the HTC Playoffs. 

In total, 6 cards will be affected: Naga Sea Witch, Spiteful Summoner, Dark Pact, Possessed Lackey, Call to arms and finally Crystal Core (rogue quest) 


Naga Sea Witch: 

This card, when used, puts on the board a 5/5 that changes the cost to all your cards to 5 mana. Its cost was also 5 and it allowed players to make an early use of strong cards that are usually playable during late game. This gave a ridiculous advantage that was very hard to recover from for the opponent. It’s cost will now be 8 mana. This change will allow the opposition to offer resistance.


Spiteful Summoner:

This card reveals a spell from your deck and summons a random minion with the same cost, it was used in decks containing only, spells with a cost of 10 mana, allowing the player to have a strong minion turn 6 while it was usually played during the 10th round. This card will now cost 7 mana, giving extra time to the opponent. 


Dark Pact:

This card will receive a massive nerf. It costs 1 mana, destroys one of your minion and gives you 8 of health back. The cost will stay the same to still allow combos, but it will now only restore 4 life point. This card is generally used with a Possessed lackey or a Cube and the impact in the game is huge. It will still have a big impact, but now the player will have to act more carefully with his health.


Possessed Lackey:

The Possessed Lackey really is a powerful ressource. When played with the dark pact it allows you to have (generally) a Voidlord or a Doomguard round 5/6, depending if you started or not. This combo gives you a significant advantage when used at the beginning at the game. As a Warlock cube player, I can honestly say that it’s broken. This card costs will pass from 5 to 6.

This change and the one to Dark pact will decrease the combo strength making it more fair for other players. 


Call to Arms:

This card is usually played in the even Paladin deck or the Murlock one. It allows the player to instantly recruit 3 minions that cost 2 or less. It’s really powerful when you know that paladins have cards that boost the stats of all its board. The cost goes from 4 to 5, meaning that the card will disappear from the even deck (one of the two most powerful decks). 


Crystal Core:

This card is the Rogue Quest. When you have the adequate draw, it’s probably the fastest quest to accomplish because of the cards that allows the rogue to call back minions. When you successfully do it, all your minions have 5/5 for the rest of the game. You just have to play card that costs 1 or 2 and have charge. With this you’re pretty sure to win the game rapidly, especially against control deck. From now on, your minions will be 4/4 instead of 5/5 



Those changes are, in my opinion, necessary. I don’t know about the Spiteful Summoner though. As for the Warlock and the Paladin, they were too powerful since a long time and it has become kind of boring. I’m glad that the meta will change and I hope the game will now be more balanced. I’ve played so many matches where my opponent gives up round 6 because I summoned a Voidlord thanks to the Lackey + Pact wombo combo. I’m now impatient to see what will happen! 

2 years ago